Thursday, December 20, 2007

Taking Pictures and test day!!

So yesterday I took my girls to portrait innovations. Normally they are awesome..but it was late..and I had a girl that was really into it. four year old was not smiling. She wouldn't really do anything to get her to smile! Oh well..and then she didn't get the best shots of back to the fact that I should just get a better camera and take my girls pictures by myself. So today..that is what we are going to do. They don't know it yet..but oh's one!
So today is test day! Hold your breath for us!!


Brad and Lauren said...

Bugsy not smiling - who is that girl and what did she do with your daughter??? They still look great even without a smile. I am sending best wishes to Ryan for his test. I know it is a trying time but everything will work out and he will pull through. Now you get to look forward to rotating shift work, yipiee!! And then maybe you will be off to a real navy duty station like us!!! Enjoy your stand down and holiday season. Talk to you soon!

KTluv said...

Congrats to Ryan for passing his test!!! Love the picture of the girls.