Thursday, December 13, 2007

*Christmas Card Time*

Now as a card maker, it seems like I wait all year to show off my best skills come Christmas time! It is so you ever just feel you have to top yourself? Of course, I do! But this year, I am sending a card that I have already made. It is yummie!! I have taught it in two of my classes and even shared it with my Carolina Girls! I am going to put a spin on it, but I can't wait to get them done and out! But then it is now time for me to get that Christmas Card photo! If you have met Baby know that it is a task!!! She always wants to make a goofy face! She is like this bundle of energy you are trying to contain in a box. I was sitting around today and trying to decide if I should write the Christmas Card Letter. Do you send out a letter with your cards? Now personally, I haven't. But it has been an AWESOME year for the Malama-Auger gang! Baby bugs started school and had her first soccer season! Kaleinani transitioned from Elementary to Middle School. Kahekila started kindergarten. Ry graduated from the Citadel in May and then started NNPTC. It has been an HUGE year for us. But does everyone really care? I personally LOVE the notes. I love gossip and the few seconds it takes to catch up on everyones lives that someone you forgot about through out the year. I really hate getting those Christmas cards that have no greeting, but the closing. "Happy Holidays Love, Me, you and the dog. I hate those. I mean seriously you could have taken a second and written the TO: Ryan and Ronee. I understand the omission of the girls names. I mean they are long..but Ryan and Ronee. OKAY OKAY..even Ry and Ron! Whatever I guess! But Felicia..I LOVED YOUR CARD. I need that stamp set..but I know I missed it..can you hook a girl up??? OH that reminds me..I need to order some CTMH. Anyway..back to my Christmas do I or don't I write one? I am thinking, people that I don't keep up with. Like Ry's aunt that I haven't talked to in over a year...she should get one..but the day to day friends..they don't need one..right? Anyway..enough complaining I guess.

Well the two babies had their Christmas Performance Tuesday! Our thing 2 made the cutest sheep. But Baby Bugs belted out all her songs..and stood still! Ry had to miss it...blasted job!! But if everything goes according to plan..he will have 5 weeks off. So thing 2 and 3 are excited! Here are some pictures I clicked off before we headed out!

Oh I just want to squeeze and bite each one of them! Anyway..I open the store tomorrow..SO if you have some minutes in the morning..come see me...OH of my comments said I haven't told you were The Pink House is...well it is located in beautiful North Charleston, South Carolina! You can check out our website at It is horrible, I'm sorry in advance, but Ry promises to spend some time JAZZING it up. Anyway..come see me!!!

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InspiredByInk said...

Thanks so much for posting the site of the pink house! I was hoping to be able to order online, but no such luck. I have been to charleston once and wish I had had the address! I can always hope to get back there and visit the pink house! woo hoo.

thanks again!

Bobbie *Ü*