Sunday, December 16, 2007

*Cough cough, I am a little homesick*

Aren't they cute? This is the Santa and Ms. Claus that sit outside Honolulu Hale, the City offices in Downtown Honolulu! OH I miss home! My nieces will be getting on a plane here soon, cross your fingers, to head home for Christmas at home! Then someone sent me this!
-- Author Unknown

*The only snow you see is in a cone shaped cup and covered with syrup.

*Santa arrives on the beach in a canoe.

*Aloha shirts and muumuus are worn to Christmas services.

*Winter clothes are a sweatshirt, a jacket and shorts.

*Little Jimmy and little Mary are little Kimo and little Malia.

*Diamond Head is majestic and green.

*"Silent Night" is played on the ukulele.

*It's macadamia nut candy instead of fruitcake.

*You leave your slippers and sandals at the door, not your snow boots.

*Fans wear tank tops to the Aloha Bowl game.

*Little boys want a new boogie board instead of a shiny new sled.

*"Big girls" wish for a Hawaiian heirloom bracelet.

*Sushi and passion orange juice are left out for Santa.

*You have to build a fireplace to hang the stockings.

*Families enjoy their Christmas meal at the beach.

*The little angel in the kindergarten play wears a haku instead of a halo.

*"Me ke aloha" (with love) is written on Christmas cards.

I know that my baby brother, also known as Kako to my girls, is reading my blog laughing right now! Because if you have never been to Hawaii, you wouldn't get it! My baby brother resides in BEAUTIFUL Santa Monica, CA. He also is not heading home this Christmas. That's him and my girls last Christmas. Last Christmas he spent tons of money and headed out this way for just a few days. My parents also made the trek. AHHH..this Christmas is going to be a tough one. But I have three beautifully healthy girls..and a husband, God willing that will pass his test, and we can move onto the next phase of his schooling! Anyway..wanna know my reason for my Hawaiian mood? Well so I didn't make my Christmas cards at Friday night crop! Heh, in my defense we had a packed out crop and there were people that needed my help! Not that I really was getting anywhere with my cards anyway! SO Ryan said just to send out photo cards. Now this is tough for me..but he was right. Here I am days before Christmas and I still have nothing. So how would I "pop" out 150 cards in the next day??? Between work and the girls, no one has a minute to do that...SO I broke down and ordered the cards. BUT the reason I am SO excited about the cards. They are they say..Mele Kalikimaka and Hauoli Maka Hiki Hou! COSTCO had Hawaiian Language cards! So I got Hawaiian cards here in South Carolina!!! I was so excited. Plus they had a TONS of different ones! I was just shocked. I told Ry that I did not care what it cost..we were getting those. But my cards are like 17 cents a piece. So totally affordable! I can't wait. Looking back, I should have had them read Me Ke aloha, and then the girls names, but I was just so excited, that I didn't even think that far out! Anyway, so tomorrow I will pick up my cards and then I will start addressing them. I have to finish my family newsletter. So I will be busy the next few days! Know that I love you guys!


James said...

I love that pic! Its your Baby Bro just dropping by to say Hi. = )

Maria said...

Hi there! I just happen upon your blog from a link on another blog site! I'm originally from Hawaii and feel a little homesick too especially after I saw your picture of Santa and Mrs. Claus.

I recently told my husband and kids that it's really weird but it felt a lot more like Christmas in Hawaii than it is on the mainland. I think it's because in Hawaii, we try REALLY hard to make things feel like Christmas because there's no snow and change of weather. I live in California and I think we take the season for granted.

I miss walking into Honolulu Hale and looking at the Christmas cards and walking around downtown and Ala Moana! Whaaa!!!!

Anyway, it's nice to find a kamaaina blogger!!

Mele Kalikimaka to you and your family!!!!