Monday, December 17, 2007

Awesome five minute layouts

It must sound insane to some people that The Pink House host a midnight crop EVERY friday night. But The Mom LOVES we pretty much have a great turn out every friday, that it is almost impossible for us not to have it. And then if we do start to flip it around and say every second friday and fourth friday, people would just get confused and it would end up being this crazy crazy mess! Anyway...this weekend a bunch of friends got together to work on Christmas Presents. Now Michelle awhile back came up with this great layout. It is on display in our store, plus you can stop by her blog and check out her layout with her daughters! It is too cute! our store has unfinished wood frames. Anyway here are some pictures of a few of the layouts!

Aren't they cute! I know I know, not the bestest pictures, but at least I got pictures, right? Promise I try and take better pictures...Keri Lee HELP ME! Anyway, it is Christmas time so my bloggin' time will be limited!!! Ryan has a test on Thursday...WISH HIM LUCK!!!

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