Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Early morning thinking...and the quiet before the storm. Schools out!

Well today is the first day of Winter Break. It always makes me wonder why they say winter break. Goodness..just put Christ back into Christmas. this may make me lose some readers...but I am SO happy that my younger two children attend a school that can say Christmas Party! Jesus is the reason for the season! Is it really that horrible? Are these children really going to be offended if you say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays? I do understand that there are those that celebrate different holidays at this time of year! But it's not like I am upset when someone tells me Happy Kwanza. I'm a person celebrating something else. My response is normally..Merry Christmas! Maybe I say that, cause I don't know what else to say. biggie right? In my house, we celebrate Christmas as Jesus' Birthday! In matter fact, the girls want to have a birthday cake for Jesus. My girls are hilarious. They are always in search for a way to get some birthday cake. Traysea even suggested where I should get it from. "Mommy, Publix makes great cakes! Just don't get the red one!" I had to stop and laugh. Just in case you have yet to have cake from is pretty awesome..even the red one. The red one is red velvet cake! Our Brianna had it for her birthday, my girls weren't fans. here are some pictures from the girls Christmas parties yesterday!

It was a busy day. I have two girls in two different classes, that I have to go back and forth to see them both. I ended up seeing a lot of the baby's party and not a lot of Thing 2's. I dunno. I need to learn how to half my time. Maybe because she is in Kindergarten. Who knows! Anyway..I wanted to welcome Erika to my design team. Our store always needs people to come and help us "decorate" our store. WHO HAS THE TIME??? So I sought out my friend Erika to come and see what we have and if she could muster up something wonderful for our walls! I sent her home with a project! Wish her luck! So I am off to get myself and the herd ready. We are bowling today..WITH THE KIDS. I am not sure how that is going to go..hold your breath!

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Felicia said...

Winter break.....yeah, Marcellino's last day is Thursday. Then he gets two weeks off...but then his track goes straight into intersession for three. So now our break has become 5 weeks!!! At least my parents are coming to visit then. I don't think I'm ready to travel with all three boys by myself yet. Have a Merry Christmas!!! I think of you every day.