Sunday, March 2, 2008

*Pass the yuck and 12 hour crop*

Whew! Is all I can say! I love 12 hour crops at the store, but seriously it takes tons of work to make it run smoothly! But Michelle, The Mom and I always seem to pull it off. Well at least I think so. Michelle was home with the kids, so I ran crop most of the day, which wasn't really an issue. Though she left me with all 6 demos, but I had to bail from Bunco, I guess this is here that I make it up to her!
So I am finally feeling back to normal. If you have been around me for the last few weeks, you knew that a girl was feeling crappy. Those of you on the inside know what was going on..but simply put, my body was telling me I needed moments, and it finally decided since I don't listen too well, it decides to take it. So my body shut down for awhile. Just a side note, I have to say I work in a super awesome place. I know I know, you guys already know that, but I seriously do. The Mom, Michelle and I have unfiltered communication which has come to be SO important. With three women working together as much as we do, of course we start to want to kick each other in the ass. BUT, like sisters, we hash it out, and arrive at a good place. As of last night, we are all in a good place. I really think that is why our store has been successful! The three of us bleed for The Pink House and hopefully it shows! The store is still "under construction" and we are making room for all our new stuffs!!!
I will be at the store tomorrow..come see us!!

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