Monday, March 31, 2008

A busy weekend and adjusting

This weekend was a busy one. I really wish I could say that this weekend was filled with hours of sunny weather and me with the kids outside..but no I was at work. Now there are pluses and minues to my job..and this weekend..was just one of those weekends.
Friday was Designers Challenge. This was something that Mom and Michelle dreamed up to get everyone together to create. We are pretty talented. Now I have to say, mine is not finish, but it will do. I just didn't have a plan, so I am happy with what I came out with. I HATE not having a plan. I like to sketch and view and from that, apply! But here is what I made...

It's a book about Baby Bugs! My paper bag album is always my go to project. You know as a crafter you always have one thing you can count on. The Paper Bag album is it for me. Now it isn't done..of course I need to fluff it up with all the ribbon. But I was at the store, and all I had was what is in my pulleez. If you even know me for a second, then you would have to know that the pulleez really only hold about 1/4th of my ribbon supply. Anyway..I take pictures all the time, but she always seems to have the best expression! She's a cutie, what can I say. But if you want to see the rest of the Design Team's projects you have to head into The Pink House. Trust me you want to see it!!!

So as if being at The Pink House till the wee wee hours, Playstation Saturday was the next day! So back to the store and keeping the machines and tools working. Lacie and I rocked our section! High five her!

Then Sunday i have my Taste of Home Party..which was so not work related, except I had it at work! So last night I came home, got the girls in bed and then lied down on the couch and that was it. I woke up at nine to pee, and headed into the bed. The next thing I knew, Ryan was kissing me goodbye. What, midnight already??? Then Trysha had a bad dream around five am and crawled into bed with me. Turned the alarm off at six and went right back to sleep! So at eight am, Traysea comes in looking or breakfast...oh well, my voice hurt and my body hurt, that was it. I fed her and then lied back down. Baby bugs decided that she could get up around 930 when Ry got back home and saw all of us still sitting on the couch. He just shook his head!

Dinner's bubbling...gotta go


Erika said...

Next time you do a designers challenge night, I'd love to participate. I didn't know about this one til Katie mentioned it the night before. :-( I feel so out of the loop, but glad you all had a good time!

Shere said...

Ronee, I saw your album and it is FABULOUS! I see why it is your go to project. Love it! Sounds like you are having it rough and I am very sorry to hear it. Hang in there and hopefully I will see you soon (I will also say a little extra prayer for you to get some p&c (peace & clarification)).