Monday, April 6, 2009

The goings on

So the weather outside is blah. Why on spring break is it blah? Heavenly Father, please send us some sun. My girls really want to spend their days at the pool or at the beach! I know..selfish right. Well they have spent a large part of the past two days outside with her
They think they want to dress her up!
Then we had visiting teachers! FUN! And snacks
Not everyone is on spring break!


The Huls Family said...

Whats "her" name... hahahah

Misty said...

Yeah, what is "her" name??? She's cute! Looks like all is going well! Happy spring break!

ronee said...

we are sorta still working on a name. she came with one..the girls think they like another it's a process... house it depends on who you ask...we are taking suggestions..but it has to be an M

Brad and Lauren said...

Absolutely doggie!!! She is precious and totally fits in with your family. Yes, she needs a fitting name from your girls. It will be fitting whatever they come up with. I hope the weather gets better for you!!!