Friday, April 10, 2009

Maggie hits the beach

Yesterday was the day of spring break the girls and I were waiting for. But of course, my batteries died in my camera mid day..and I was not walking back to the parking lot for new ones..

But it was Maggie's first beach trip!
So the girls got dressed and packed bags..and off to the beach we went! The entire way the girls kept saying, thank you mommy for us living so close to the beach! Maggie was not interested in pictures. She is a bit camera shy..she will have to adjust!
But here are the girls
We spent a fantastic day out. We were at the beach from about 11 till 4 or so. Then headed into downtown Fernandina for some ice cream and just trotting around downtown. My girls love just walking around down there. When we came home yesterday we were exhausted!! Today is Friday and I am planning on taking them back to the beach today..maybe get in some volleyball!


Mary said...

Looks like a fun way to spend spring break. It's too bad the beginning of the week was crappy.

Miss Hope said...

Good times!!!

I might have to head down there and trot around downtown. Love looking at the shops there!