Friday, April 10, 2009

Mr. Sun sun...Mr. Golden Sun

So our spring break has had a couple..let's just say it...crappy days! It was either cold or overcast, so we weren't encouraged to go anywhere. We even talked about headed down to Disney, but no one was smart enough to budget that for spring break so the girls got creative

and make up their own Disney adventure!
This is Expedition Everest from Epcot. The white guy..he is suppose to be the Yeti!
A wild cat display
and then the monkeys on the Safari ride at Animal Kingdom.
Who needs Disney when my kids can pretend. Yes right, we already are making plans to go to Disney when our cousins get here!

But thank goodness it got warm so we headed to the park for football, playground, scooters, and basketball. Tyra learned how to throw a football correctly. Always an important trait for a girl to know! Thank goodness we have "brothers" to show her how!
We mastered the monkey bars!
Worked on our defense skills
Of course after we stopped by for Happy Hour

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