Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When your days start out slow

don't ever think that is how it is going to stay.

Today I am offically...pooped.  Not that I haven't had other days like this.  But today, my neck and arms are aching.  And my wonderful pillow and blanket are calling my name.  

Today was totally a run around type of day.  It is so funny how the rush in the car to here and there, really makes you SO tired.  But everyday I would take this type of tired.  It is the price of being the mom I want to be.  OH and the sister that my brother needed.  So I am not complaining.  I love being the mom that brings lunch to her just returning to school #3.  Or being the sister that her brother calls for her car.  And the mom that has to rush out to soccer practice.  I will take it all.  but boy, can I not wait for the day that #1 can drive.  Of course everyone says I say that, but I don't mean it.  OMW do I mean it.  

My house is a DIASTER!  Did I mention?  Dishes to be done.  Food still out to be put away.  I need a big kick in the ASK to make sure I can clean my hosue life a fool tomorrow.  OH WAIT..didn't I just do that on Saturday.  OMW!  Did I tell you my vaccum died.  And it is a great one, but now I need to take it to Sears to have it repaired.  Why can't I just go and buy the Dyson.  OH it is $500.  

alright enough crying.


Miss Hope said...

I don't mind being a busy mom, but I sure need a break now and again! LOL Slow down! Yeah, we can!

Shere said...

So glad that God is answering your prayers! Thrilled that your baby is doing fine. Thankfully kids are super resilient and their memories are short. My sister has a Dyson, so worth the 500 ducks. Get some rest and talk to you soon.