Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Easter going ons

So I was in picture mode. Sorry if it is visual overload...but I am picture happy since I put down the point and shoot camera. My #1 will let me click pictures of her with minimal complaint. I always feel like the other two gets all the click click time! But todau was such an awesome day. I really wish we had some crazy thing planned, but no. Just Egg Dying.
#1 always makes the all blue egg!
The two piglets asked to dye eggs ALL DAY! I keep telling them to just wait till four o'clock!
She wrote her name so we would remember which egg was hers.
Taking a second to smile
Maggie Moo is always so shy for picture time. This morning we almost went crazy trying to get her to take an Easter picture. She better adjust in this house. Everyone gets their picture taken. But tonight I was able to steal one. When she decided she was going to jump up and cuddle with #1 on the chair.
Happy Easter!

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