Friday, April 17, 2009

Lamers, but boy we have answered prayers

That's how exciting we are. I really don't have anything to blog about..except Nanea is doing fine. It is hard to imagine that on Tuesday, my child has surgery. But she amazes me. And the Holy Spirit has totally comforted her and eased her pain. But I still don' want to take her out. I just want to make sure that she stays illness free. She says it still hurts when she coughs, but the rest is all good. She is eating normally. For the most part. But her food of choice is still mac and cheese.

So this weekend Tyra is going on a trip to Orlando to the Temple. I am SO excited for her! But nervous, since I am not going. I did have someone from church offer to keep #2 and 3..but with #3 just coming off surgery and not suppose to be out of the bed, I think that a trip for me will have to wait. I hope that she has a great time though. Plus the person driving her, I absolutely trust!

All I know is that a lot of prayers have been answered this week. And the rewards have been amazing! My children have even noticed!

Okay enough blah blah blah..I gotta take #2 to school!

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