Sunday, April 5, 2009


So Ryan finally got underway.  Now I am not trying to make it be all that dramatic.  But he was going..then didn't go..then might go..then might not go...and then checked off leave and then called to say he leaves tomorrow.  WOW!  
So the girls and I are adjusting to life without the man in the house.  Of course he leaves.  Nanea has surgery on the 14th, and #1 needs to have a procedure to check if her liver is functioning correctly.  Not to mention soccer season is in full swing. as a Navy wife.  I am not complaining, Ry has basically be on land for the last six years.  And when we were apart, there was always a phone call or email possible.  
So since it is spring break this week, I plan to fight the couch and have my children busy everyday.  BUT I hear the rain and the weather is not cooperating with my spring break plans.  I was thinking maybe a quick run to Disney, but #1 still has soccer practice.  Oh bother!
So here we 842pm, and my house is quiet.  I guess it's off to bed for me here soon.  I have some pictures to post..but my camera is in the other room..and I am just too lazy...
But...we got a dog!


Brad and Lauren said...

Fishing trips are such fun for all!!! It is too bad that most of our lives happen during the times when they guys are away. I hope the rain stops and you can have some fun. Love ya bunches!!

The Miller Family said...

I say skip soccer and go have some fun! Let me know if you need anything :o)

Miss Hope said...

Isn't it crazy how the men are gonna, wait! Not today. Maybe tomorrow. And it gets to the point you tell them TO GO ALREADY! JEESH. LOL