Monday, April 13, 2009

Nanea's "procedure"

Nanea doesn't like the word surgery. So we are going with procedure. I guess I should back up some. Since Nanea was little, she has had reflux. At least, that is what the doctor said. She was the spit up queen! She also snored. If you have never seen a two day old snore, it's pretty hilarious. Now Ry..huge snorer. If that is even a word. And I snore, when my nose is stuffy or I am in extreme exhaustion. Also forever she has had the HUGEST tonsils.

On the grading scale of 1-4, Nanea has a 3. BUT we have been so blessed to not have chronic ear infections or strep. Her doctor finds that pretty amazing. Now Ry, he always gets the crazy strep throat. I am sure he needed to have his removed YEARS ago..but just never did. forward to age 5 and a person on her soccer team was having his out. She was describing some of his symptoms, and I kept thinking to myself, that is totally Nanea. So I started asking her some questions. She happened to be a nurse, and she was sure Nanea needed to examined. So I called the doctor the next day. With Tricare it takes it was PCM. To Specialist. To Sleep Study. To follow up. To here. Surgery..i ment procedure tomorrow. So her "last" meal request
Today some of the Priesthood is coming over to give Nanea a blessing. Then no eating after midnight. And no drinking water, apple juice or gatorade after 6 am. We have to be there at eight, and she doesn't have her procedure until 10. I mean seriously. Have you met Nanea? She will be the worst by then. I am going to keep her up and try and feed her right around nine or nine thirty, just so she can make it without falling out!

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Michelle said...

Nanea - Much love and blessings wished your way, baby girl. My heart goes out to you for your "procedure".

Mama - Been there, done that... twice! There's nothing scarier than "electing" to put your child under anesthesia. I feel your heart break all the way up here.