Monday, April 30, 2007 promised!

So the lakehouse was perfect. I know I already said that..but I you just don't understand! Not that it was this all glorious lakehouse, oh but it was, but it was the people I got to hang out with! It seems like God always hears you! I prayed for some people that loved to stamp..and God delivered ten time over! He brought me Claudia..that brought me Gail, Michelle, Kim, and Serika. Not that I don't love everyone I stamp with...but I really love these guys! I'm starting to tear up so I better just get to the pictures...OH wait..I forgot..everyone was suppose to bring a project..BUT hi I am loser..and didn't really bring one. I was going to have everyone make their nametags for our next Carolina Girl's swap, but the loser I am forgot the bag with all the stamps in it! OH WELL. Luckily everyone else brought their stuffs..BUT I did bring all the paper! SO I sorta feel like I came through..oh and I brought my craft spots..which totally were needed! So everything works out! are some pictures of the lakehouse..and it's view!

awesome yea! It's beautiful! It's quiet! It's lovely! I can see why Claudia never is ready to go! And it just an hour away! Who would have thought this could be just one hour away! you want to see the stuffs we made!

Isn't everything just awesome! I know I am totally over using that word right now, but I can't find anything else that can describe it like that..oh wait..SPASOME! That is what Tyra uses. Super awesome..but one word! Anyway..It was a great time!
Thank you Claudia for sharing your place with me!


Susan said...

Hi Ronee - thanks for stopping by my Blog. I loved reading yours and seeing your beautiful pictures of your family, the lake house and the crafts you make. How gorgeous! I can feel how happy you are about finding a house to live in, too.

See you again sometime!

beate said...

Gorgeous cards and projects Ronee!!!