Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The babies day out

So today we headed out to a friends birthday party! I love that they waiting to have it. My girls really love to hang out with the boys...Here are some shots of them having fun today!

On these kinds of days, it is funny to watch my two children. Bug is such a go getter. Water slides...pools with grass...she is basically free less. Where Traysea is a lot more reserved. As hot as it was today...she was not going to get into that pool with grass in it. Or that waterslide. Traysea is very particular about everything in her life. I tend to blame Ryan..but I think it is a combination of the both of us. The Pink Store..OH wait..I ment the Pink House got another CHA shipment in. If you live in my gotta stop by. I am teaching a class Saturday. Scrapbooking 101! Visit the stores website

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