Friday, May 23, 2008


SO my children are on the count down to departure! We have everyone wanting to tuck themselves into our luggage and stow away on our trip home! I have to say..I am excited..but just i love spending time at home the whole having to get there and back thing is a bit much for me right now. Not to mention that I have no idea where I will be going next...if order would just return! Be it here or there..just let me know already!
Ryan is stressing out..his COMPS are coming up, and the man is stressed out. I promise he is the mostly girlie man I now..but leaving came at the very best time. Ryan can take all the moments he needs to get everything in order in his mind and pass everything with flying colors!
Anyway...just some of my randoms

*I have to take work home with me...the things I do to myself!!!
*Hawaiian food..YUM!
*all the small things the girls need before we leave...Target trip!
*sharing a car when we get home..YUCK
*playing tourist..LOVE IT!
*swap meet shopping for all my friends!
*nikon d80 or cannon xsi??? is 141 am..i should sleep. since I will be at chuckie's with a herd of 5 and 6 year olds tomorrow afternoon!

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