Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Oh mommy, we want a puppy!"

So it is the push till Donna Downey. I mean seriously can you believe it..our store isn't even one year old...yet..and we have a rockstar UBER papercrafting queen coming to visit! OH I am still pinching myself! I jus tlove love love her stuffs! I love how she makes everything look LOVELY! If you haven't seen what she rocked out today..you have to go and check her out! I am so sorry that lately everything has been words words words..but i am buried under two brides and trying to balance everything! So here is a splash of photos! It's everything from Strawberry Pickin'. A trip to the sprinkler park. Butterfly catching..and just a bunch oh who ha! This pictures were taken by my #1! Oh she LOVED photography!En route to the Sprinkler Park!
The cutest E G
OH yummie
Found a great one
and look what we caught! (below)
The #2 had a Mother's Day Brunch for me on Friday! She really made me cry. The girls of course made me such wonderful gifts! Of course since the girls are in school they made me some pretty rock star items..but even at home, with the guidance of their father..decided to make me some mother's day cards! I SO am blessed to be their mother! I am so lucky that God selected me to guide them into their futures! Everyday my life is brighten..even in their worst times..with the hope of what they are..and what they will become! Okay..so enough of the teary eye moments....
This is Traysea's table setting she made for me. Yes that is a choco strawberry..oh I love her!

This is a drawing she made of me. Awesome!

Traysea and her class doing a cute little song and dance for all the moms!

Ms. Sandy asked the kids to fill in the blanks..it is so much fun...Traysea totally knew me. Well for the most part...she had to guess my height..but she knew my favorite food...Hawaiian..duh! and she said that my favorite thing to do is work at the scrapbook store! So crazy..why would she think that I liked my job!

So the Mayhue's are giving away puppies. They are a lab/boxer mix. Totally an oopsie moment..but she has 7 puppies left! Plus she is leaving on vacation this June so she needs to get them all off to happy home! You know you want one. We have been out to visit them when they were just just babies. Not ready to leave their mothers..OH my heart melted...the hard sale..is ry ry. so we are still in debate. Ry doesn't think our house is ready for the responsibility of a puppy..or just a dog in general. I mean it is a horrible time to get a puppy. Our house is in a bit of disray...basically laundry in the living room..and a craft room in chaos..Ryan on 12 plus hour shifts and we are about to go on vacation..0h and then when we get back..we find out where we are suppose to move to..if we are going to move..AHHHH..my head is spinning. Not to mention we have Donna Downey, Melisse' programs and Megan's menu cards and programs...oh I am faint..i should go! I need an assistant..oh wait I have Tyra!


Latisha said...

the girls are really getting big! That is really cool that you guys are getting Donna. If anyone knows anything about scrapbooking you know the name Donna Downey!

lacie said...

i miss you girls soooo much...charles leaves for 6 months on friday...yuck..we go to hawaii in march..have you found out yet? i need to see your donna project...did i mention i miss you like crazy already???