Monday, May 5, 2008

"Take me the place..that I belong!"

Sorry..that is a verse from a song by the Iz. But I am in a superstar Monday morning, well afternoon, mood! Last night mom called and said, Pack your bags girlies, you are coming home! So I let the girls know that lst night, and eveyrone is doing the happy dance! We weren't going to go home this summer, because we were getting ready to move and it just didn't seem to make sense..but mom needs some to help her care for grams while she has a vaca tada, that's me! Easily said, we are pretty excited...but #2 will miss her Kindergarten graduation and Nanea will have to have her 5th bday party without her best friend, but it is all a trade off. So from May 27th through June 17th, you can find will find me in Hawaii Nei! Oh and Happy Cinco De Mayo!
Aloha NO!


Brad and Lauren said...

I love IZ!!! and I love that you are coming home!!! I can't wait to see you and the girls!!!

Felicia said...

Yippee!!! I am so excited to see you!!!

Misty said...

Take me! Take me! Please, please, please take me! I could really go for some Assagios, Cholos, Jameson's by the sea, and on and on and on!!! No really, have a great time!!!