Saturday, May 10, 2008

*Fabulous Fridays*

Today started out pretty shaky..the rain was horrible and my alarm wonderful husband, forgot to wake me up! I mean seriously mister..someone has to get the girls ready for school. But I come walking out to all three of them huddled in front of the computer. TOO crazy! If anyone knows Ry for longer then a second knows that he has a serious case of computer syndrome. Like it's crack for the boy! the day started off..ho hum..but it was going to be a great day! #3 was having her early it was a birthday party with her birthday girl shirt. This year we might actually get three wears out of it..who would have thought. Then at 11:30 #2 was serving me Mother's Day Brunch. Then I had a day planned for everything was going to be awesome! SO we swam to school. Got the girls out. Headed to Publix for the cupcakes. Drop those off. Had breakfast with my best friend. Then back for brunch! Then the kids ran around like fools for about an hour..dropped them off at home..then headed off to work! Which Karrie came to hang out and my bride brought reinforcements, so the process was super quick! Now all I need to do is print it all up..and then bind them..and done! I am so excited for them! They are so's too cute! You know what i mean...?
I gotta's 12:48 and i need to go to bed! promise to post pictures of our adventures tomorrow!
xoxo ronee

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