Thursday, May 8, 2008

I wish I could go for Fancy drink Friday

Thanks for the invite Memorie..I need a fancy drink friday...BUT today was crazy and I should be still working right now..but i thought I could use a break..Today the girls and I headed up to Boone's "U-pick" Strawberry time! So the Kindergarten class of my #2 and my #1 headed out to Mt. Pleasant for some fun! OH they are so good! The girls had them for dessert tonight. Of course now I want to make Strawberry Pie or Strawberry wondefullness! Tyra has decided that it should be strawberry shortcake...So..anyway..I will post pictures later..We took tyra's camera today so I wouldn't have to lug around my huge one! So today I am just about the randoms...

*My coconut lotion that I have had from Bath and Body works is empty. I had to take a deep breath and sigh a bit. Why do they always take away the best scents....

*If you haven't heard...Misty, our lovely, is having another boy! Yuppie..another boy for me to spoil. I hope we get Kings Bay!

*I love when you reconnect with old friends!

*Today we ordered pull apart cupcakes for Trysha's Early Birthday celebration..I can't wait for Publix cupcakes tommorrow..YUM!

*Why it so easy to do work??

Okay I am totally drifting I will catch up with you guys later

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Memorie said...

You will be missed but we're there every Friday. We have fancy drinks, pizza delivered and let the kids play. It's a nice way to start the weekend. :)