Thursday, May 1, 2008


So I almost forgot about my random thoughts....

*Have you seen the Vera Bradley Catalog. Seaside yum!

*Have you ever been so far inside the circle that you never noticed that some people weren't in it? One of my red headed friends pointed out how some people can be..but I never ever say it cause I am always inside that circle...makes me go hmmm?

*In the past few days I have noticed how much I analyze the situation. I love to ask questions and try to see just what you are thinking about why.

*Grumpy boy..check!

*My organizer is my life!

*Did you know you can litter train a rabbit?

*I have the very best of friends!

I am thinking I need some bonding time. Just my friends and no thoughts...some OG salad and a night filled with smiles.....

Okay..know that i love you..and happy may day!

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