Monday, May 26, 2008

Over prepared

Ever start to freak out because you are too prepared? That is where I am at right now. I have spent almost every minute since friday afternoon getting us packed. All the laundry is done..and my house is sorta back to normal..minus some least it is clean..and the four suitcases sitting in my living room. I think all that is left is the gameboys..ipods..phones and chargers, but everything is still charging. But I am hating this feeling. I think I am not sweating it really because we are off to my mom's. I mean anything we have forgotten we will just buy a new not to mention that whatever clothes we didn't bring..doesn't matter, because we are so going to be buying while we are there. I did make a quick target stop for my baby est niece Alena. My sister loves the target brand not to mention they are like $4 for shorts...what a score.
Tomorrow we get on the plane..I just E-checking in..and printed off everyones flight stuffs..made sure I had everyone's ids..went to the ATM...Now Ryan and I are trying to debate what to go and get to make for dinner. We are thinking about carb we are off to a marathon..anyway..know that I love you and will be posting beautiful pictures from hawaii nei!!!
Anyway..just a quick note...
*Lacie..i love you and miss you EVERY DAY!!! I will send out a mass email when we find out where! I wish I was there with you to help you weather the 6 month deployment...but call me anytime...just remember we are 6 hours ahead...
*Felicia: I arrive HNL 2:24 can always come to moms and visit us!!!
*Lauren: I expect to see Makana by Thursday!
*The Pink House gang: Hold down the fort...
*Misty: I will see if Jamison has UPS..tell me what you want!
Take care of you..and know that i love you...WISH ME LUCK!


Felicia Fernandez said...

We can totally do that! The boys will be just getting out of school and there's no scouts or baseball!!!

Brad and Lauren said...

I can't wait to see you in your hometown!!! Pick your favorite lunch spot and EmeMak & I will meet you there. See you soon - L