Monday, May 19, 2008

No PICTURES...what?

You got it pictures..but girl Michelle was clicking away with her camera...I was just too busy being wowed by donna downey! Yes, I realize that those are lower case d's. And if you ever meet donna, you'll's all about the lowercase. I a girl in love with the lowercases..I am so happy to find someone else who in this world LOVES "y's" and lowercase. So you wanna see gotta visit my sister from another mother's blog. For once she was the girl with the camera. So go and check those out..and then check back in this way....

So don't you love those pics! I know I was in my cutest form this weekend..but in my defense I was living on 14 hours of sleep over four days..A girl can only get so cute..then I had a total meltdown regarding my pictures at Ritz, but survived! With FREE PRINTS! Anyway..I loved my classes this weekend. I only took "a year in the life" and "journey of me" and loved them all. Now I am not really a scrapbooker...I know the HORROR...I help run a super successful scrapbook store, and you don't scrapbook..what the heck? I really don't. I love taking pictures and adding them to altered projects..but I am not really about putting them in an album for me to look through. So, I didn't think year in the life was going to do it for me...but it was pretty awesome..donna totally thinks like me...if you take 50 pictures, then you should be able to get all 50 pictures onto this page. But it really got me past the free of cropping pictures. Now I am no way like "the mom". She can barely cut out a piece of grass if it is in a picture..but donna forces you to cut..even her forehead. I mean seriously..who would have thought that you could cut her forehead and still have a rockin picture..not me..I can't wait to try it more! Now for my "year in the life" I didn't go by months. Too easy..and too of course..i went with the girls...pages of just the girls..and then pages with the girls and their promise to take pictures of things they love to do and places they love to be! Anyway..donna said she is not about words on I am going to try and video blog when I get to hawaii...are you ready for 8 days! WHHHHOOOOHOOOO!!! Eight days..eight days...holy mackrel...eight days..i gotta start packing! Anyway..know that i love you!

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Felicia Fernandez said...

woohooo!!! 8 days!!!! I'm cleaning my craft room just for you. Plus it gives me incentive to actually get it set up to work in. Have fun packing!!!