Friday, May 23, 2008

Dream BIG

It's funny how I flux in and out of my creative fire. Does that even make sense??? I mean seriously I look at others lives in the papercraft world and whisper, sometimes yell, to myself that I can totally be that. And be pretty good at it! But how do I get there? Submitting to publications was always a chore for me. But maybe it's cause I hate to have my things picked apart!!!! But maybe I just need to find thicker skin and take it at that..Maybe after we move I will really have that chance. Of course depending where I will go. Working at The Pink House has opened my eyes to so many things, but I now know that I never want to own my own store! The time commitment that it takes is just too much for me. Ryan and I had decided a long time ago that my place is with our children. Not that I would be less of a mother, but I would NEVER want to have to decide between Tyra's soccer game or opening the store. Though..I could ROCK a scrapbook store. Except, it would not be scrapbooking. It would be stamps..OH I love stamps...and all kinds of mix media craft items to take your pictures off the page and into your home. Get them off your computers and out of albums for everyone to enjoy. It would be card classes and other medias mixed in and leave the "acid free" at home. I think donna downey and i think a lot alike. Well..ry's out of the shower!

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