Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh the simple days

Just what happened to those simple days? Oh yea..i got married and have three children..that's what happened! Right now it is 1126pm and my house is silent! I love it and hate it in the same sense. I love time to myself but i would rather have a house FULL of noise. Children running her to there...even the fighting..i love! Oh to find the balance! But I guess being a girl from Hawaii you get use to everyone always being around. I am such a bridger!!! One friend to come with to see the other friend..then we are all friends..all of that it is so much fun! I never like to do anything alone..i know i'm a Sunshine had a great thing on her blog today...her today..I am going to favorite out
Totally my favs

*Vitamin Water...oh the XXX, defense and energy..they are my addiction lately! Ry laughs at me, but at least it's water..right? and water about that smart water's the same company so I keep wanting to try it, but i will have to see

*Publix. Cause today I did it to myself again. With reusable bags in the van, I loaded the girls and headed off to the commissary. I was going to suck it up and give it another try. I mean why was friday..mid afternoon..why not chance it..GRRRRR! No know lot sale. Ah hell! So off to publix we went. And my three girls are SO funny. I turn out of our street heading away from publix, and #3 yippess out..NOT THE COMMISSARY! i had to laugh. We leave the commissary and head to publix. Park, get out, and proceed to have one of the very best trips EVER to a grocery store with my three children! Thank you Publix!

*Chips and Salsa...enough said!

*Playground in my backyard!


*Comfort food!

So my not favorites...

*The Vera Bradley that I want, not at the Exchange..but every other one was! Sucky mac sucky pants!

*The only Krispy Kreme is in West Ashley! YUCK

*No organic cucumbers. Off to the Farmers Market tomorrow!

*GNATS...i hate those too Sunshine..they can just ruin a great time!

*Washers and Dryers in your kitchen!

*Moving from friends!

I am sure I have like 80 more, but I am going to save those..So misty..did you get that new car???

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