Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Where do I start?

This is a picture of my computer desk! I have five different things going on..It's getting harder to balance everything else. But today I was enough! Which made me smile! I REALLY have been trying to do that. Enough of a mom...Enough of a friend...Enough of a money earner...Enough of everything for everyone. On top of that I need to find homeschool curriculums for Tyra and Traysea..and we are still waiting on the Navy to tell us where we are going to go next. OH and did I mention that I have to get all my brides stuff done by the 26th. No pressure right? Oh and did I mention that Donna Downey is here NEXT WEEKEND! OMW! I can't start to tell you the five hundred things that have to get done before then! But let's just say..all the stress of Donna Downey's visit is so worth it! Okay, so let me get back to work..and Misty.. I need your address...I will send you something WONDERFUL from home!


Memorie said...

What are you doing tomorrow afternoon?? Want to come to the pool for "fancy drink Friday??"

Shelley B. said...

Wazzup Ronee??? You are a hard woman to get a hold of. I left a message at the Pink House...wasn't sure if it cut me off or not, weird. Anyway, I won't be able to work at the end of May...going to Tampa earlier than I thought. Happy and Sad about that...Oh well. Take it easy and I've missed you!

Thanks and keep me in mind too!