Thursday, August 14, 2008

In the midst of my forest..I need a saw!!

It's funny, I have tried to post at least once over the last four days. There just seems to be something else that I should be doing! That or with the lack of luster entertainment in my house..the baby girls want to use the computer. Which ever is the I am typing away again! Everyone knows that phrase
"You can't see the forest for the trees"
Well I am that girl...sometimes I get so consumed with the small things I lose sight of the final goal. I mean seriously..sometimes it gets SO bad for me..that all I see is bark! It takes an awesome mother to point out to me to stay positive. It's funny only happens visually. If my entire bedroom is a mess, I have a hard time starting...but if I have a huge problem in my head..I know to take certain steps to achieve my goal. It is something about the visual that physically makes it impossible for me to move forward. BUT saying that..I have decided to just breath out. So we don't have furniture, not a huge deal..but no one is complaining but me! We don't have blinds for my incredible huge door, but we are backed to the one is actually out there. I don't have rugs for the master bath...i clean the floor more often. I mean everything has it's ying for it's yang. SO I am deep breathing it all out. I am doing the small things. Unpacking one or two boxes. Staying on top of least trying to..It always gets washed and just needs to get put up! Where is my laundry fairy..oh in CT.

So off my checklist...Craft room basically unpacked. I found almost all my stuff and was able to complete and four projects and put them in the mail..with one day to spare.

Master bathroom basically organized minus a few cute odds and ends...check!

Ry coming home August 28th...and home till September 1st..poor him. He has a hunny to do list like he is not ready for! BUT at least my laundry/unpacking fairy will be in town to work his magic. I hope he didn't think he was going to be home on vacation. After this weekend he might sorta have hoped to stay in CT.

My biggest baby turns 13 in a few..and she has decided shopping spree is what she wanted for her birthday! Thank birthday party to plan..YUPPIE!

Girls' bathroom accessories found and on there way! I am so excited!

Tyra's bedding to be picked up at Bed, bath in Beyond on Saturday..oh it's lovely! If I had a queen bed this would be my bedding!

Finally tomorrow I am having lunch with some people I knew from back in Charleston..I am SO happy to have instant inner circle! Oh and I almost forgot I promise to post a few "moving in day" pictures of the house!!!

The view from the road
The left side of my backyard...i love our playground!
Center view of our backyard

Right side of my backyard. Finally big enough for out own mini soccer field!
More later...promise!

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Keri Lee Sereika said...

HOLY MOLY!!! YOU HAVE BOUGHT A BEAUTIFUL HOME! I dig that backyard play set!!