Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to the grind

So life almost like it is full swing again! Girls are going to school with some sort of normal routine. Actually this morning, there was no yelling..well a bit..but jjust reminding them that they needed to brush their teeth...but everything seems to go school with time to spare! Simple hugs and kisses and everything seems to be going well. Same when they get picked up..they hop up..the teachers know which ones are mine (of course they two girls must have some of the hardest names in that school) but they wait in line, jump in the car
and off we go.

Then today..just for fun..we added a trip to St. Johns and soccer practice. We had to go to Dick's sporting goods, and of course the closes one is 30 miles away! OH well..the price we pay..but then we hit a subway and ate enroute to practice.

This year the two younger girls are split. So I hope that everything goes well. It is nice that they exsist beyond each other. I am so use to just grouping them together that when they said #2 on 8 and under and #3 on 6 and under I was taken back. You mean you are separating them! HUH!!! I think they both like it. I think they like to have time to themselves so that when they get back together they can spend the next hour filling each other in on what happened when they weren't there! The teams seem cool! My girls are the only "new" players. The rest of the team has played together for a few years. OR they all go to the same church or live in the same neighborhood. So hopefully my girls can get in there and make a space for themselves. The life of growing up in the same place. OH WELL!

Ry, right now is in Charlotte waiting for his plane to leave. Yuppie..I will have my husband home for a the weekend. It's just a weekend, but we will take it! The things military people do to see each other...Right lacie! Know that i love you guys and miss you always

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