Monday, August 25, 2008

Sometimes moments just sneak up on you!!

Wait, what day is it? Is it really August 25th?? I mean seriously? 13 years today my entire world changed? Just where did all the time go! Our oldest girl turns 13 today! I'm a little teary, interesting enough! When #3 turned five, I don't think I felt this way. I had to call Ry and vent a bit! Just where did 13 years go? But I have to say, she is still my baby. Now I know that every mother says that...but with Tyra, she still let's me hold her hand when we walk. Giggle giggle, I hope that never ends! She let's me snuggle into to bed with her and we can sit and talk and just be goofy! So, she will always be my baby!!!

So today was fun..we headed to St. John's Towne Center for a stop at the Apple Store.
Thanks Gramms and Papa

Itunes! money is always a good time!
Thanks Kako

She loves books..
That's our present to her!

And nothing makes a new teenager smile like money!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Auger!

Off to dinner and cake!


Felicia Fernandez said...

Wow, 13!!! Happy Birthday Tyra!

The Huls Family said...

Happy Birthday Tyra....

Memorie said...

Happy Happy BIrthday Tyra!! She looks sooo happy!! :)

Latisha said...

I think I will ball when Kendall turns 13...a teenager, I still feel young lol
Happy Birthday Tyra