Friday, August 15, 2008

A great day

So I finally had some adult time. Now..don't get me wrong..I LOVE LOVE LOVE my daughters! Every moment..well almost every moment with them I am thankful. I am thankful that I have a husband that has a job that can afford the luxury of not having to leave our house to work. Though ry doesn't really consider my "hobby" a job yet..but I don't see him whipping out layouts or altered do we! I had lunch with a friends that I had back in Charleston! It was nice to have conversations and just catch up! Misty has the cutest boy EVER. I can't wait for Jack to like me enough to let me photograph him..I hope it's soon..cause I have those boy layouts due. I also caught up with Keri. Everyone's babies just keep getting bigger! It's hard to imagine. Aydin..oh he's a handsome guy! I totally have a layout in mind for him. Keri is a crafty gal, so hopefully I can live up to her standard!

So on top of that..the girls got to meet their teachers. OH MY WORD were they excited! Traysea came into my room a little before 7 and said.."Mommy, you gotta get up! Today is meet the teacher day!" Then followed by.."Can we have waffles for breakfast?" Easily said..she couldn't sleep she was SO excited! We had lunch then headed off to met the teachers. OKAY seriously the parking lot is SO small that you have to park in africa then walk. Which the walking is not the problem..the millions of water puddles and Florida heat and humidity sucks! But anyway...the school looks nice. and Nanea is a frog anyway. Every year in Kindergarten, you become a "Little Leaper". Each classroom has a cute little animal..anyway...Nanea was waiting to be a leaper...and was sorta depressed she was going to be one..WELL we are walking to the class today and we spot her name on the same little lily pads that traysea's name use to be on. Then we get in there..and it is basically Ms. Sandy's class all over again! Nanea was SO excited! She turned to me..."I am a leaper!!!" Goes without saying that I think day one is going to be a great one!!! I gotta go and dig out all of Traysea's old froggie stuffs!!!
Off to gymboree and bed bath and beyond!!!

OH and thanks gang for making this probably the second best day since I have been here!!

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Jeremy & Kelly Huls said...

I think you give us WAY too much credit... hahahah we're SO glad you're here :)