Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Someday i wonder how I pass this test

It is 8pm and all is quiet in my home. I hear the humming of the dryer and dishwasher. BUT who would have known 20 minutes ago, it was a house full of chaos! With the exception of #1. She is SO consumed by Nightmare before Halloween on her new ipod, that I think a meteor could strike us and she wouldn't notice! But this one!

She will be the death of me! It is something that happens when you go from two to three children. I am not sure what it is, but something happened! #3 pushes me to an edge that I am not sure I can see my way back from! I love her..and she is a huge cuddle bunny, but Baby Bugs is my test of patience. We had a friend over tonight, and #3 loves to go into "protector" mood. She makes sure that all her needs are met. Need a drink, okay. Need to go to the bathroom, let me show you were it is. You know, stuff that she never normally gets to do cause she is the baby. Well everything is going along fine, until her and her sister go take a shower. They I hear screaming! That was it..it was a downward spiral from there. She didn't want to go to bed. She wanted to watch the end of the cartoon. She didn't want that story, but couldn't tell me which one she wanted. She kept putting her hair in her mouth and sucking on it...I MEAN EWWW!!! So I had to bring out the spankin spoon. Luckily, it was enough of a threat..but overall I just think at bedtime we all lose it. She's tired, well donkey girl just lie down...then she whines, pushing my end of the day buttons! I have to say. I heart bedtime! I mean seriously parents that let their kids stay up on the weekends..you guys are crazy. It is 730 bedtime everyday!!!
okay..i've been mean enough!!


Anonymous said...

Girl..I am right there with you since Noah started public kindergarten. It's a LONG day for little ones. Our bedtime is 7pm though. Caden starts his meltdown about 6:30. Just thought I would let you know that you are not alone!

Misty said...

I love an early bed time! Gotta love that face, she's ADORABLE!!!