Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day

Well, Labor day is upon us tomorrow and the girls and I have nothing planned. Well Ry leaves bright and early...6am...from here and the girls and I return to a life without Ryan. I have to say, as much as I can't stand my husband, I really can't..or rather, not live without him! Need a desk moved, or figuire out what is wrong with Tyra's DVR box, it's Ry who always seems to have the patience or just plain know how to remedy the situation. Of course we fight..if you have met him or I for one second you know we both just say what we mean and that doesn't always result in something positive. But heh, it's a marriage and it takes work! SO..with him home we are box free. Kids playroom organzied. Tyra's room set up. Mud room shoe shelves up and organized. TV in my room functional. The computer moved and now it sits on a pretty little desk. My yard is mowed and bushes cut and picked up. I do have to say my house is SO much cutier with all that crap cut out. I am not sure what the previous owners had in mind..but they were crazy. After todays final clean up life is pretty perfect! But we are still without a couch. Ry and I have yet to compromise on what either of us want. No blinds yet or a new dining room table. But it is all a process and eventually we will have everything. I mean we have lived here for one month now..I couldn't expect perfection yet could I? Pictures will eventually get on the walls and it will actually start to look like we live here!!! Wish us luck!

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