Monday, August 11, 2008

Pure venting!

SO...if you haven't already heard..we are TV less! I know I know..of all the people to get stuck without would lastly be me! But with the move happening SO quickly and Direct TV installers being...excuse my language...asses and now has pushed my installation back till the 18th. I know I know..I am breathing out..whooosawww...anyway..So here we are in the midst of the olympics...(HUGE FAN) and I am stuck watching it via the World wide web. Now in all trueness I am not totally complaining. I am trying to take this entire situation with the whole glass have full thought process..but seriously! Not that the 4x100 freestyle relay was any less exciting watching via but I would have loved to be in the moment experiencing it with the rest of America! But at least when I get my Direct TV..there will still be some olympics left for viewing!

So my second venting...Furniture shopping. NOW..I love furniture...and I love logically you would think that hand in hand it would be a dream come true for me..right?? NO! Add a 12 almost 13 year old..a 6 year old and a 5 year old..and my world is ruined! Plus I HATE to think about money. I know i know how childish of me..but seriously I love to be that girl that finds the one she loves, and buy it! So..short story..I should have NEVER gone to pottery barn. But what girl in her natural mind can be feet from Pottery Barn and need furniture and not go in there....SO nothing I see is as good as what I want! Of course it is beautiful and perfect..I mean for goodness is pottery barn. So the Charleston in brushed canvas in Espresso is all I want. I love it...I also love this one The PB Basic sofa also in brushed canvas and Espresso. Of course I would need either the chair and half or the chaise...something wonderful! Which would lead into outstanding throw pillows in of green and java blue. (Insert blissful sigh here!) Which would lead to a those perfect Metro cubes and side table! Then to the Logan Large media suite in Antique white to complete my living room! But as if that was enough..I ment I left more then half of my furniture in Charleston...SO we need basically everything..except for the baby girls..though if money was around I would so redo their room! Tyra has the same furniture she has had..with the exception of her bed...since the child turned 4. But that little living room onsam comes to the WHOPPER total of $6689.00 without taxes and shipping. Though if you apply for a pottery barn credit get a 10% discount..and get a 4.5% rebate for the first month! But for $7000. I would have the perfect living room! That's not counting the cost of the new tv that will have to inside my Logan media suite..and the accent pillows. And that is JUST the living room. Did I mention I have to furnish my dining bedroom..ty's bedroom..and our I could use a vanity and chair in my bathroom!

Maybe I am just having a pity party! Hopefully life will shine a happy face tomorrow morning! My mom did say she was sending out a box..with clothes and goodies!!!


Misty said...

I feel for you on the pottery barn love! I ALWAYS dream there and then find something better priced that looks similar. We MUST go to World Market, they have great stuff at a much more affordable price. I must say, I love your style! Please, please, please do a chocolate brown master bedroom or dining room or something. i've been dreaming of a chocolate brown room but Jeremy is worried about it!

Memorie said...

Hey you! You will be fine...just take your time, it will all come together! Pottery Barn is great for that you know what you want you will be able to figure it out...

Jeremy & Kelly Huls said...

I have a tv.... actually 4 of them... and the olympics are on.... if you can climb over the piles of suitcases and shit lying everywhere... COME ON OVER ;)

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