Wednesday, August 20, 2008

YES MOM...we're fine!

This is the conversation I had with my mother. It is so is SO not my mom that is paniced. I mom defines what even tempered means. You say mom I am pregnant...Oh cool...You say mom Ry and I got reaction..Well there was some anger..but that is so a post for a different time..then you tell your mom, I know my middle child is just three months, but I am pregnant again...she struggs...But my since my dad is calling her..and making her check up on me..I get a call, Hun are you okay? It's so parents in AAAAALLLLLLLLL the way in Hawaii, and my dad is watching the weather report for our area. He often calls me and tells me that I will be getting rain soon! Thank goodness..cause sometimes I have no clue! yes we are fine. I mean seriously I have from an island with hurricanes. This is not new to me...though this will be the first time I have been without he is a bit nervous. He called me before school today just to check on us. He is the worry wart! Me, I am totally always along for the ride!
So pray for the best..but just in case..we have peanut butter..canned goods a grill batteries..flash lights..candles and a radio!


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Brad and Lauren said...

If Eme can survive her first Troppical Storm, I think you guys will be steller!!! Just got home from visiting family in Texas. Love ya & Miss you! Grilled PB sandwiches are the best!!