Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My day of thankful

I know it is actually the day before thanksgiving..but before my day gets swept away with turkey and hot turkey sandwiches (by far my most favorite thing about thanksgiving) i wanted to make my list....

1. Well of course I am thankful for my family. That should go without words..but sometimes people need to be reminded. And when I say family..if you have met me for even one second you know that my family is not defined by blood. So, you totally know if you fall into that category. This year has truly been a test for me and I am happy to know that I am still passing HIS test and that the people that love me...are there everyday for me!

2. That Ry has a job. I mean seriously in this horrible time in the economy I am SO grateful that I have a husband that has the job he has. Him, some days I am not sure of..but at least he's working supporting all of us! Thanks ry

3. That I have such great faith! I mean Jesus has tested me over and over..and with the year winding to it's end, I am still being tested..and I have to remind myself that God only test the strong..and which each closed door another ones!

4. That with the new year bring a world of new adventures! I love that! I love that this new year even though it seems sorta dull right filled with bright bright hope! I am excited!

And most of all..I am thankful for these!!!
I mean seriously. Who could not think their life is pretty perfect with these three additions!

Here's hoping your turkey day is filled with thankful love and happiness!

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