Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am just wiped

Sorry guys..Lately I have been wiped..and just not enough time to do my house and my blog take a back seat to my let's see...since Wednesday....I have been a great #3's class everyday making Thanksgiving related crafts..Oh you want pictures do you..well they are on Keri's and Brooke's I will have to get back to you on that...But easily girlie is a cutie...
Thursday, Yulee Primary has their annual thanksgiving feast.  Really it was a bowl of gravy with turkey in it..but the best part is that parents were encouraged to come and have lunch with your child.  So I took the first shift and had lunch with #3.  Of course she packed her tuna sandwich..and I decided to avoid school lunch.  With the way I have been feeling for the past few would be the worst thing ever for me to get sick in the primary school cafeteria.  Ry took the second shift and had lunch with Traysea.  OH and she loved it loved it.  Time with her dad, she totally ate it up.  She, also a tuna sandwich...but Ry was brave enough to try the food.  He said it was okay.  But he had lunch with his daughter..and it could have been jello..both of them would have enjoyed it!  
So the best thing about Thursday Night/Friday Morning..was the Twilight midnight showing.  Tyra, me and some friends decided to go to the midnight showing.  I am a HUGE movie i want to see it first.  Plus I loved twilight and I was hoping beyond all hope that the movie would so so outstanding that I would love it as much as the books...
Such was not the case.  I mean I love having a visual to my book..but I think really I would not have died if I didn't see it.  I know horrible to say..but it is what it is!  But she had my money.  I mean from Twilight her other book the host..and then the movie.  She has me hooked.  Of course when New Moon comes out..I am going to see that too..why..cause I am just like that.  Just like I have seen EVER Harry Potter movie.  Are they ever as good as the book...NO...but I still try.  There are few movies that I say have been as good as the book...hmmmm...Rainmaker..A Time to Kill....Narnia....I am sure there are a few here and there, but that's all I can think of.  Either way.....go see have to!
So Bolt also premiered Friday.  So we took the girls Saturday to see Bolt!  In Disney 3D.  Now yes, I am a snob and if we can have the best..then I want it...So I drive my children 30 minutes to a much further theater to see it in 3D.  But it was AWESOME.  Now explain to me why Tyra and I both liked Bolt better then Twilight?  Who knows.  
So here we are Sunday and I did change out of my pajamas..but just in different pajamas.  The girls are in the shower after their Wii marathon.  But we did squeeze in some family time..while they cuddled in my bed and we watched the Santa Clause.  Oh I love that series of movies.  I even recall on time taking Tyra out of school so she could see it with the Fires and Housers.  I know I know..but her friends were moving..and what is one day..right???
So that is my catch up...I know as if you guys really really care the hooo humm of my household..but people are starting to think that I am dying.  I am still alive guys..promise promise! 
Oh and  last week..the girls and I did get to see Madagascar 2.  I know we have been totally on a movie tear.  But the girls and I heart heart movies!  Here is Nanea acting like Alex the Lion
And to just prove that I am still alive..and in semi good health..


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Misty said...

So happy to hear that you're starting to feel better! I wish I got out to the movies as much as you, I've been wanting to see several of them lately. Have a good trip to Chas and we need to lunch soon, miss you!