Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday Wednesday

Ah ah...ahhh...Oh wait..I think that song is suppose to go..Monday Monday...but really everyday for me lately has felt like a monday. But here we are wednesday and I can't believe I haven't blogged in so many days. Of course you would all love to believe that I was doing awesomely wonderful things with my children...such is not the case. I have been at home...being sick. I don't know what has come over me..but maybe cause Ryan is home, my body has decided that this is a good time to just shut down. Which is it a good time..cause he is home and for the most part if I fell least he is around for supervision! Right? Sometimes I have to wonder who watches whom in this house. Luckily my computer is centrally located and he can parent from the desktop.

So I am sad to hear my friend Felicia is dealing! I know mom and dad leaving is always a hard blow..but hopefully that will give you enough to get through till Mike gets home. Know that I love and miss you EVERYDAY!

My friend Memorie has dropped off the grid! Not that I have been around all that much. Mems I miss you! Her and her fancy Iphone haven't texted me in awhile!

Kelly is dealing with all that is the navy! They say this..and then this is what really happens. I know every military wife out there is nodding their heads in agreement!

Lauren and Makana..I hope are doing fine. I got a text a bit I know that they are okay! I love you..Eme Mak oh and you too Lauren and Brad!

Karrie Clark has house guest until January..WOW! I know..when her in laws come..they really come to stay. Luckily Karrie loves her in laws and life is happy...

But because I have been sick..I haven't gotten to see my favorite newborn. Hi Spencer..aunty misses you!!! Misty and I are totally icky avoiders! So until I know what the heck I have and what is going on..I don't want to get around Spencer. He is just one month..but because of it..I am missing my cutie of a Jack..oh and their mom! Know that i miss you three!

Luckily I get to run into Keri and her cuties daily! thank goodness we live in the same town and our kids go to the same school! But I have been neglecting her too!

So for a little bit of happiness

This is last year's Christmas Card pic...WOW the difference one year makes...
hope your cup is half full!


Michelle said...

Hope I get to see how they've grown in person soon.

Brad and Lauren said...

We are doing okay. We are enjoying Hawaii and preparing for the holidays. Eme is crawling and getting into everything. She is also pulling up on everything too. Brad is working and I am here. Trying to figure life out one day at a time. Miss you dearly and we send our love from your home island!!!

Felicia Fernandez said...

Well you must be better if you texted me from a midnight showing of Twilight!!!! I'm going tomorrow with a couple of girlfriends. It's just what I need. Dinner and a movie! I hope you enjoyed it.