Saturday, November 1, 2008

A saturday with friends

Wow..who let November arrive already.  It has been SUCH a crazy year..I can't believe it.  I need to start my Christmas cards since it is going to take FOREVER to get them all done.  But they are going to be superstar fantastic..if I can just get off my ask and start them.  
At least I already have an idea and the pictures to go with it.  I had fabulous lunch with the cutest Jack I know..his baby brother Spencer...then met the hottest Sean I know.  I tell you boys in long sleeves and beanies...YUM! 
Anyway..our Saturday was spent with some friends  here are the kids playing out back.
I love our backyard!  Yes that is the deflated jump castle.  My kids are addicted to it...again!  I know Misty totally gets how much we hate the thing.  OH WELL!
Then it's out with Halloween.  I am waiting to close the bin as soon as the halloween towels and mats are washed and dried.  So in with Thanksgiving....
I am off to get more tomorrow..I think.  I am thinking potted mums and something else for our walls.  I am having the girls make turkeys and other fun stuffs....

Also our flag is time for Veteran's Day...

Tyra spent her reading Twlight.  She wants to have it fresh in her mind come the 21st.
Then it was time for dessert.  And then resting before bedtime!
Great days!!  Simply great days!

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Misty said...

Lunch was fun! Let's go again this week when Jeremy is at work. Gotta love that bounce house, we know Nana loves it ;) Love you.