Monday, November 24, 2008

Cause I have a second

So I actually have the computer free for use. With Ryan home, it sorta feels that he camps on the computer. Not a huge deal..but it cuts into my blogging time. Seriously that since he is off at a medical appointment..I thought I better take the opportunity to get in... birthday is creeping in..and luckily I don't view 33 as old.

Oh I hate WalMart. I bought Wall-E last night..and of course when I get home, it is not in my bag. So I had to go back this morning. Luckily no my movie..and got drama.

I want a new texting phone. My phone is lame..and I am in want mode.

I want Detroit car makers not to get bailed I can get a fantabulous van for barely anything.

Thanksgiving is coming up! Yuppie..but really Thanksgiving has never been a great holiday for me. I mean I love getting together..but not huge!

My Christmas cards are probably a bust. I know the horror...well since i was sick for about a week and a half, that put a halt on that..and now I am REALLY out of time. SO Costco cards it is!! I promise not to pout too much!

I can't wait to put the Christmas tree up. I almost want to jump ahead..but I can' girls won't let me. Plus since Ryan is home, I want him to put up the Christmas lights and all that! But today, I think he finds out when he has to go to the boat! Pluses and minuses.

I can't decide what kind of Christmas decorations I want. I want something totally fun for my lawn..and lights all over the house..but am I really motivated...short But my girls just love Christmas lights!

Wednesday I have to go to Charleston. I am hoping that Ryan is still here and wants to go with..cause then we can take the girls to the Festival of Lights...and then come home for Thanksgiving. But we will have to see...

Did you know here in Florida it is suppose to be 70 today. WOW..since it is was like 36 this morning. What the heck???

My parents have bought their tickets..and they will be out here for Christmas! YUPPIE! We are going to head out to Disney before Christmas..and then have Christmas at home..LOVELY! Then the "frosting" my baby brother will be here too! This is my doing the happy dance! I love my family. Not that you guys don't..but I need me some mommy and daddy!

Ryan might be getting signed up for a school and have to be here through mid December. I don't want to tell the girls..just in case it doesn't pan out!

Two of my friends headed out to the outlets today. I am JEALOUS! Of course both of their husbands can pick up their children afterschool. AH poop! Is all I can say!

For today's smile!!!

Okay..Tyra needs to start her school..I need to get off!

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Mary said...

I don't think 33 is old either...maybe because that's how young I'll be on my next birthday!