Thursday, November 13, 2008

Making Decisions

So lately I have really been in a decision stage. I have been trying to decide to hold on..or let go. I know I know..most times, when you have to make that decision, it normally means you should just breath out and let go..but in this situation I just can't decide. I can't decide if it is worth the fight. I really is..but one person fighting..doesn't always make it happen.

Okay..enough of that pity party..right?? today I am sorta sick. You know that sick that you aren't really really sick..but that uck feeling that you just get rid of? Yea that is me. But I am the super trooper and will push it out with the help of my trusty friend Mr. Zicam.

So..along the making decision theme..i am battling with my Christmas Cards. In my mind..and now sketched out..I have a plan for an over the top "WOWZA" Christmas card. But I do have reality..that is November 13th..and I would have to produce oh about a 100 of them in less then a month. Which brings up two problems.
The first one is that I would have to cut down my card list. I know not totally a big deal, but seriously I love sending out cards with my cute little letters. All of that! So that is hard for me.

Then my second problem is the cost of it all. Because my card won't be post office friendly it would require extra postage and not to mention all the fun stuffs that go with making my cards. The embellishments and the cute papers. Not to mention the printing picture cost. BUT I love it and want it. Of course nothing less will make me happy.

I know I know..get over it..right? I totally am having a pity party for myself..UGH..maybe it is the full moon..who knows! Hope your day is brighter!!!

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Mary said...

I hope you feel better soon. You know you're not going to be happy about your cards if you can't do them the way you want to-so you better get started! I can't wait to see them; I'm sure they'll be beautiful!