Saturday, November 15, 2008

Can we just stay home for one day!

It has been a great week.  We hit Sea World on tuesday..pushed through wednesday thursday and then friday decided it was road trip time.  Well, Ryan wanted to take the kids to the shuttle launch.  Friday night was a night launch and we could totally make it there and back we thought, what the heck..and made the scramble and got directions and then loaded up the van. Here are the girls in the van on the way down.  They are watching a movie.
Then here are the girls at our roadside viewing area.
I mean seriously road side.  We decided to drive down 3 and see what we could find.  And we just pulled off the road and made camp.  We saw a bunch of others doing we thought...heh why not.  Of course I forgot new batteries for the camera so my pictures aren't even close to great...but here is the shuttle before we could actually see it..
It was pitch black and then all of a sudden you see the sky turn bright bright orange.  Traysea says she thought it was sunset.  And then you see the shuttle launched into the sky.  Everyone road side start cheering and clapping.  My girls starting screaming goodbye..have fun!  Waving at the shuttle.  Of course the rest of my pictures are furry blobs of light floating in the sky..but my girls all have the memory..and I am going to have to take that as enough!  It was an awesome time..and the girls all said that it was worth the three hour drive.  Of course ryan finds out all this information by listening the the broadcast on the radio about how this is probably the last night mission and that with the space program ending in 2010 that this might be the last chance that everyone will get it to see it together.  It was totally worth it.  Mostly cause I got to sit back and ride the entire way.  Have to love when Ryan is home, I don't even have to think about driving.  He has such OCD issues about driving.  I love it!
So today was much of nothing.  I really spend the day in recovery...napping and hanging out in my room watching tv.  I love a recovery day.  It was our first saturday with no soccer...not that I am complaining about soccer..but it was nice to sleep in until I felt like waking up!  We are having pizza for dinner...loving my day!

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Misty said...

What a cool mom you are! I just took Jack out front in his pj's and agreed with him when he thought the lights from a plane were the shuttle so we could go back in and get him to bed. I suck! Lunch this week would be great, we've missed you.