Wednesday, May 6, 2009

800 photos

That's how many I just sent off to Ritz to print. Yes I just did it. And I pretended it didn't cost me a small fortune. But if I don't have printed pictures then for sure I am not going to get any scrapbooking done. I have TONS of ideas floating around my head and have already started sketching layouts. I have been blog hopping and getting ideas..and of for the needed supplies to make my stuff come to life. I am SUPER excited. Today, in between uploading. Have cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, and have started on the the horrible clean laundry pile. I figuire I will get that all done, and then my guilt to have time to be creative will be gone and I can just sit down and get to it!
I'm excited!

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Michelle said...

Can't wait to see some of your layouts... which reminds me, we still have some of your old samples. I'll have to get them sent to you sometime this year.