Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Isn't it amazing

On how people feel that they have a say in your parenting! My pretend friend Chris lets her kids ride up and down the street on their bikes...WITHOUT AN HELMET. I know, call the cops! For me, I HATE the helmet. I survived without one. My children will survive without one. Scooters with no shoes and no pads...also no helmet. Sure go ahead, who cares. Is it really neglect?

Of course I say no. Anytime my child is without her helmet going down the street, I know my mother in law is screaming. Guess what she sent with their Easter baskets? Helmets. Do my children use them? No! It is just something else in their rooms..or wait is it in the garage?But the main point is that everyone loves to criticize other parents and their skills.  Lately, my phrase has been you cannot judge others just because they sin differently then you!  

Now I am SO guilty of things like this.  I have really had a struggle to hold back my tongue, but I have been doing better!  But it baby steps to improvements for me!  It is SO MUCH better!


Shere said...

Tell it like it is! So true how x calls you out on y while they are doing z. If I could figure out how to do it, I would put a frowny face right here. Just remember the woosa and enjoy the rest of your day!


Anonymous said...

O-suck it up and put a helmet on those babies heads!!!! Love ya Karrie