Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Minutes turn into hours..and hours into days..and days into weeks..

I often find myself searching for time.  I often shuck off housework or other "wife" responsiblities in place of doing the this and that of being with my daughters!  But I often stop and look back on the things I did get done and the things that didn't get done and I sorta smile!  I rather have a house filled with laundry to put away and have had a great day with my girls, then having all the laundry done and a house that looks perfect!  My three girls are where I tend to measure my happiness!  Their smiles, their kisses, and their giggles are all I ever need!
So our house got a new addition!!!
His name is Logan!  He came to us crate trained, so we are still working on house breaking him.  But we seem to be on a pretty steady path!  When Maggie left, the girls wanted a puppy so badly they could taste him.  When we went to the Animal Control place, the girls saw him, and that was it.  He's a huge baby!  Here he is, on my couch.  His favorite napping spot!
And since lately the heat here has been insane and we miss the sprinkler park back in Charleston...we had to make our own
enjoy your days!  we are!


Shere said...

Hey Ronee,

Got back from inspired and totally passed out for 2 days. Was hoping to see you there but I know that you are super busy. Donna asked about you and told me to tell you hello. Hope your talk at church went well. Hope you weren't nervous. You are totally smart so am positive that you rocked it (or will rock it if my date signals are all messed up). Talk at ya later and have a great week! Shere

Sheila said...

Oh, Logan is SUPER CUTE!! Your girls look like they were having a blast playing in the sprinkler!

Kris and Matt said...

Hey Ronee. Your family is beautiful. I can't wait for it to get hot enough to play in the sprinklers!!! The new addition to the family is adorable. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Miss talking to you!! Love you - Kris