Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our final U8 soccer practice of the season

Logan is so much fun!
 The potty training has had a few minor set we have the most ADD puppy around, but it is all a process.  Luckily he is a cutie!
Our morning started off with wishing Ms. Hope a happy 21st birthday!!  Okay Hope isn't 21, but we are measuring her youth at heart!!!  I only had a minute to jet in there..give her hugs..and jet out, but I loved that my day had me going up there anyway..and stopping in at her breakfast was just on my way...seems like Heavenly Fathers plan, doesn't it.  She is looking fantastic as always...and I hope her birthday was full of happiness and love!  
Then it was lunch with #1 pick up her sisters...and then we had our final practice of this season.  And boy it has been a long two and half months.  I love my children and I love that they play soccer, but I am SO over being the coach!  I know that seems horrible to say, but I really just want to enjoy my children playing soccer.  NOW, I love all my kids that play for me.  And I have enjoyed the coaching process.  I love finding out what works for each child and making them successful!  I love to see their perform at a level they didn't know they could....BUT boy the pressure!  So today I let me kids run wild and just have fun!  Cause isn't that WHY we played soccer to begin with???
Then it was off to Mutual for #1.  Today my children told me they LOVE church..  Well at least the two baby girls.  And they both said Sunday is their most favorite day of the week!  Talk about making me smile!  I often remember going to church on Sundays as a crazy struggle for my children.  NO one wanted to get up and get going...and now, my children are up and out.  And this is the earliest service we have ever been to!  So thank you Heavenly Father.
But I think I found us a new house.  We are praying on it..and actually go and see the insides tomorrow.  My kids are totally besides themselves, it has a pool, and is walking distance to church.  Pretty amazing!  And it has a porch for rocking and hanging out...The minuses, at least from the outside...the plants.  I am not a planting yard kind of girl.  I mean I LOVE the pretties, but I just don't have that kind of time in my day...OH and no fenced in back yard.  But it is on a cul de sac, but it is the first house.  So pluses and minuses.  I am off to see it tomorrow.  I am trying not to get too excited, just in case it is not Heavenly Fathers plan. 
I will take pictures!
Pray for us!


Shelly said...

You guys are buying a house? Good luck tomorrow!!! I hope it all goes great for you!!! I can't wait to hear what happens!

Miss Hope said...

I am SO glad you dropped by for a few minutes. Like you worked out perfect for us to spend a few minutes together. And HA on being 21. The good Lord reminds me every day my joints aren't 21 anymore. LOL

I can't wait to hear about the house and see pictures!

Have a wonderful weekend and we WILL do lunch or something soon!