Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday's to do list

This Saturday is amazing! The sun is out and the best part of this Saturday...NO SOCCER! I know we love playing soccer, but not having to getup and go to soccer today, just makes my day amazing! A day of no planning and just not caring..AWESOME! Ry's parents leave today so they took the girlies, minus tyra, to the beach! So it's a errand sort of day!
So my to do list....
1. Chicklets to the beach with grandparents.
2. Walgreens to pick up more pictures
3. fix Kahe's glasses
4. Finish Nanea's bday invites
5. Order cold stone cake
6. plan out goodie bags
7. Decide what I am making for Potluck Sunday
8. Get Nanea's birthday present!
I hope your Saturday is as blissful as mine!

1 comment:

Mary said...

I agree that Saturdays are good without having to wake up early for soccer! Have fun at the beach!