Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Little Ways I fail

Over at Chris' blog Notes from the Trenches, she was brave enough to disclose the little ways she fails! Of course that had me thinking. I fail my children EVERYDAY! Huge small enough things that add up that could probably make a huge thing...right?

1. Let's no go there with the Tooth Fairy. She has failed to deliver the dollars so many times. I just tell the girls, I forgot to call her. That in itself is a story for another time. But Santa and the Tooth Fairy don't get to come to my house without prior notice. My children are a bit scared of home invasion.

2. My children wear dirty socks, sometimes to soccer. I mean seriously..they are just what if they are all sweaty from practice and already have an aroma. Spray spray and you are good to go!

3. I almost never have overwhelming piles of dirty clothes..I have overwhelming piles of clean clothes..and I can often find my kids digging in piles looking for various items. I HATE PUTTING CLOTHES AWAY!

4. Some night, we have a whatever you find is what you eat for dinner. Lately, between soccer, ryan gone, and sickness, it has happened more times then not.

5. As I have had more children...I am either older and smarter or older and just lazier. Number one lived by the I am at number three...sometimes the rules slide! I know it isn't fair..but I am one person..and I am out numbered!

6. OH the sock bin. Let's just leave it at that!

7. My youngest still wears underwears that were her sisters. Not her seven year old sister, her thirteen year old sister. I can't help it if they are still in awesome working condition. Sad, yes I know!

8. I often blow off something responsible to do something fun with the kids. I know I know you say that is okay. But when you do it everyday, its just avoidance!

9. I don't cut my own grass. I am just too stinkin lazy! I pay someone else to do it when Ryan is out of town. I would plant and do all those kinds of fun garden things..but grass thanks!

10. In my car we have a lot of "back up" items. Why you ask....well often we are running late or something or the other and so we have a brush..rubberbands..lotion..glue stick and a few other things just in case we need them in the van. Yea we have so left the house without shoes or hair brushed more times then i care to remember.

I am sure I can think of a million or eleven more ways I fail..but I have to say..sometimes at night I am just happy my kids are still alive. I think that for everywhere I fail..I make up with successes! Right?? I mean seriously..
They sure look happy! And well fed! Right?


Mary said...

I have issues with 1, 2, 3, & 8 too. It's all good. You're a great mother!

Tanya said...

You're a great mommy & a great role model to the girls! BTW...we used landscapers the entire time we were there...between the scorpions, fire ants, and was best left to the professionals. ;o)