Monday, May 4, 2009


Yesterday's lesson was about talents.  Do you know just what your talents are???  I mean beyond your creative talents.  But I am talking about all your talents all together.  A great listener and a great friend.  All of those are crazy important talents.
Did you know Heavenly Father gives you talents on a loaner basis?  If you don't use them..he will take them back. 

So I have decided that I better get to using my talents...but I do have to discover just what they are.  I mean the crafty stuffs...that is easy..though I haven't done much of it lately.  I think this was the last thing I did..before we even moved to Florida!

I am totally changing that.  I am going to find time to print out the pictures and just do them.  I mean seriously....

this picture is just waiting to be scrapbooked some how!  I have oh about a hundred plus pictures that need to be developed and presented in some format!
  I wonder what other talents I have!!  I am off to go find them..And YOU..use your talents!  Heavenly Father will take them back!


Sheila said...

OH we are so on the same page right now!! I am in the process as I type of uploading pictures to snapfish to get them printed so I can do something with them!! I have so many scrapbooks that I need to do both for myself and as gifts and I am determined to get them done! Good luck to you and all your great talents! =)

ronee said...

OH let's get together sheila..i am sure we can get more done together! let me know!